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USDA Certified Organic and Kosher Certified

Nature's Approved® Organic Macadamia Oil (USDA Certified Organic) in its natural form has a delicious nutty flavor and is great on salads and for sautéing. As a cosmetic it has a rich, cushiony feel on your skin, is often used in cosmetics as an emollient. In the late 1980's there was great excitement when it was first discovered that it has a similar composition to the sebum in human skin and also to mink oil. Great for dry or aging skin where sebum production has decreased. 

Nature's Approved® Organic Macadamia Oil is cold Cold Pressed from choice selected nuts grown free of herbicides and pesticides and free of chemicals in processing. It is unrefined. The oil is double filtered before storage in steel drums under a nitrogen blanket thus ensuring the freshness of the oil. We also transfer it to Cubitainers which ensure that oxygen is excluded as the oil is gradually used thus ensuring a long shelf life. As such it retains vitamins and enzymes from the nut as well as the unusual oil characteristics. It contains 81% mono-saturated fat, which is higher than olive oil, and its high smoke point (330 degrees) and mild nutty flavor makes it ideal for sautéing fish, chicken, and vegetables. Especially delicious in salad dressings.

Macadamia oil has 81% monounsaturated fats and 3% polyunsaturated fats. The ratio of unsaturated fats to saturated fats is better than olive oil with 5.25 to one compared to 4.6 for olive oil.

Available in 180 kilo drums and 5 gallon and 1 gallon Cubitainers.

Call the Assured Organics contact below for drums or multiple Cubitainers

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Macadamia Oil is recommended by Dr Fred Pescatore author of the "THE HAMPTON'S DIET." Nature's Approved® is the best macadamia oil available as only top quality nuts are used to make the oil (insect damaged ones are discarded) and it is organically grown and processed. 

Odor –Delicate nutty odor
Peroxide Value <0.5%
Free Fatty Acids 0.25%
Saponification Value 190-200
Iodine value 70-80
Specific Gravity 0.92
pH -4.47

Fatty Acids
Oleic 59 %
Palmitoleic 19%
Linoleic 2.84%
Linolenic 1%

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